The Versatile Verticut Machine 2000: A Multifunctioning Paper Roll Saw

L–M Equipment Company Inc. manufactures and distributes an entire line of saws and cutting systems to satisfy the needs of the forestry industry. We offer our customers versatile and durable equipment capable of producing the results they require to undertake their various projects. Among the roles our package saws play in the industry is that of the paper roll saw. Continue reading

The Chainsaw Lumber Mill: Small But Effective

As the saying goes “Big is not always best.” In the case of a chainsaw lumber mill, the smaller size is actually an advantage. At L-M Equipment Company, we understand the need for many companies and individuals for a small, compact, efficient machine. This is why the chainsaw lumber mills we produce are easily capable of meeting the demands of our customers. Continue reading

The Paper Roll Saw: Removing Damaged Ends Or Split Rolls

At L–M Equipment Company Inc., we produce an entire line of saws capable of addressing the needs of the forestry industry. Among the most popular are our package saws. The Verticut Machine 2000 and the Verticut P4 are classic examples of the versatility of our products. They both perform a variety of roles including paper roll saw. Continue reading