Firewood Processor for Logs of All Sizes

If you need a hard-working, heavy-duty deck saw that's capable of cutting up logs for firewood or for splitting logs length-ways prior to further processing, this product could be exactly what you're looking for. Made to a tough specification using premium materials, our deck saw is manufactured in the U.S. at our Pacific Northwest factory.

Possibly the Best Saw for Logs on the Market

Our saw benefits from a number of features that ensure its performance is outstanding and that it's also user-friendly and safe. The blade is powered by a three-phase electric motor and the saw has our “Tuffee” mandrel to deliver an exceptional level of robust use. Quick tension take-up and a hydraulic power unit are further features of this well-made, versatile saw.

A Commercial Firewood Processor from a Company with More Than Seventy Years of Experience

We have been manufacturing saws and related firewood equipment, including cutting systems, beams and barrel staves for the logging and forestry sector since 1946. In this time, we have developed a good awareness of what our customers need, enabling us to design and create the durable, long-lasting equipment for which we are known.

A Deck Saw That's Built to Last

If you want to invest in a deck saw that will just keep going, providing many years of trouble-free service, this item is a good choice. To find out more about our log bucking deck saw range, put in an order or for anything else, call us at (503) 235-3146 or (800) 228-0793.