Heavy-Duty, High-Performance Log Splitter Available

With more than seventy years of providing the forestry industry with high-grade, dependable, professional log splitters for sale, we know that reliability, durability and safety are all key priorities. When you buy an electric log splitter from us, you'll be buying a product that's deliberately over-engineered in order to give you the service you want. Once a customer has invested in one of our log cutter saws, they will enjoy decades of trouble free performance when using it.

Portable Chainsaw Mill and Range of Other Products

We provide a suite of commercial wood splitting machine options that are suitable for every stage of the logging process. Because we work closely with the industry (we're located in the Pacific Northwest; the heart of the area where forestry is major business), we ensure that the chainsaw log splitter and horizontal commercial log splitters for sale that we offer are tailored to meet the changing needs of this sector.

Chainsaw Slabber That Offers Great Value

Although our high speed log splitter and small log splitters for sale aren't the cheapest on the market, they do offer excellent value. Each product is built to a very demanding specification and intended to last. Our vertical log splitter for sale and other items in the range are all proudly made in the U.S., using domestically sourced materials where possible.

Get Your Chainsaw Lumber Mill Products Here

When it comes to where to buy a log splitter, the answer lies with us. We are committed to offering every customer genuinely high-grade, skilfully constructed chainsaw sawmill for sale that are built with the demands and challenges of the forestry industry in mind. To find out more about what we can offer, or discuss what type of product you're looking for, call us at (503) 235-3146 or (800) 228-0793.