Plastic Pipe Saw That Won't Let You Down

Commonly used for the petroleum industry, a plastic pipe saw is purposely designed to cut cleanly and rapidly through plastic piping of a wide variety of thickness and dimensions. As a leading manufacturer of a variety of different advanced saws and cutting systems, we have ensured that the plastic pipe hand saw we offer provides outstanding performance, is easy and comfortable to use and is built to last.

Portable Chop Saw with Sound Build Quality

Whether you buy a chop saw, a pipe saw or some other piece of equipment from our range, you'll be purchasing a top-grade tool that's been designed with the needs of your industry in mind. All of our tools are made in the U.S., at our Pacific Northwest factory. We work extensively with the forestry, logging, pulp and paper, and petroleum sector, providing the tools needed for efficient, dependable operation.

Pipe Cutting Saw That's Well-Made

Quality is at the heart of what we do, as our goal is always to provide our customers with an extremely durable, robust tool that will keep working no matter how tough the conditions might be, or how demanding the job. Once you invest in one of our saws, it will provide you with many years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Portable Chop Saw from an Established Manufacturing Company

WeWe have been making saws and related products for the forestry industry for more than seventy years. Through a combination of dependable products and dedicated, honest customer care, we are the provider of choice for a large number of businesses. To find out more about our products, place an order or ask a question, call us at (503) 235-3146 or (800) 228-0793.