"This has been a very positive project for us. The first day we started up, we were at full production, and the impact on our mill was immediate. We do production quality control reports at the end of every shift, and it’s easy to see that this saw has had a significant impact in enhancing out tally. There is no question that we have been able to improve our entire operation as a result of this installation."

Mitch Cramer
Stimson Lumber Sawmill

"We have been extremely pleased with the service we have received from the L-M organization and feel that the unit saw will perform to our expectations. It is a tremendous improvement over the imported saw which it replaced."

Jeff Merrill
Southern Forest Industries

"This saw is truly an excellent product. In fact, this saw has gone beyond our highest expectations. Not only has it allowed for the total control of labor in our saw mill, but it has also increased my production by 100%."

F.H. Barrett
Dayken Pallet Co. Inc.

"We have been operating the  Verticut saw system with very favorable results. We were able to reduce cross cutting to one man.We are now accomplishing the same task with fewer motors and less horsepower which means less electricity and less maintenance. This means lower cost per thousand board feet, which is critical to any pallet manufacturer today. We would recommend L-M Equipment to any efficiency minded operation needing a high volume of cut-to-size components. It"s the way to go."

D.W. Baldwin
General Pallet