Versatile Portable Yard Saw

As an established manufacturer and supplier of high-grade cross cutting saws to the forestry industry, we are specialists in providing quality tools that are built to cope with challenging conditions. We understand that many of our customers are working in extreme environments, requiring tough machinery solutions that are capable of high performance and excellent reliability. With more than seven decades of trading behind us, we are proud of our reputation for uncompromising excellence when it comes to heavy-duty cross cutting saws

Portable Yard Saw with Some Great Features

When you purchase our Model 200P-7 yard saw, you will be investing in a product that benefits from a 20HP Honda V-Twin engine, 12 pneumatic wheels for rough terrain and a sturdy 1,000lb machine. The result is an adaptable tool that can be used almost anywhere. Ideal for most smaller jobs, its compact size and relatively light weight makes it easy to transport wherever it's needed, at the same time being able to withstand the hardship of a lumber yard environment.

Portable Yard Saw That's Made in the USA

All of our saws are manufactured at our premises in the Pacific Northwest. Where we can, we source our materials nationally rather than looking further afield. Because we engineer for the logging industry, everything we create is designed and constructed for optimal durability. Even our smaller items which are intended for light use still feature the same exceptional build quality.

High-Grade Portable Yard Saw for Sale from a Reputable Manufacturer

Our goal is to give all our customers premium saws which have been built to the highest standards by our skilled team. Combining excellent products with honest, courteous and genuine customer care, we are the go to saw supplier for many major logging concerns. To place an order, ask a question, or find out more about our products, call us at (503) 235-3146 or (800) 228-0793.